Components of a Healthy Lifestyle

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Our Healthy Lifestyle Pledge contains the basic components of a healthy lifestyle. It is our manifesto for our journey of life. This is something you can sign and put on your wall to see every day.

Components of a Healthy Lifestyle pledge

Take the Healthy Lifestyle Pledge -- it’s for you!!!

I understand that the most precious thing I have is Health, Mine, My Family’s, and My Planet‘s.

I live my life at the peak level of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health.

I am a life-long Learner, fully Alive, Conscious, and Aware.

I treat my Body as a Temple, my Mind as a Creator, and my Spirit as universal Awareness. I nourish them all easily and with great Joy.

I support a sustainable and healthy Food supply. Whenever possible, I purchase food from Natural, Organic, and Sustainable sources, supporting Local Farms and Farmland whenever possible.

I support a clean and healthy Environment both in my home, in my community, and in the world.

I respect and appreciate all Life everywhere. I practice Harmlessness to all living things wherever and whenever possible.

I look for the Beauty in all things.

I generate and spread Positive thoughts. I eliminate complaining and negative thoughts from my life.

I do this all with ease and in harmony with my Spirit and all Creation.

signed______________________________________date _______

Get your free copy of this pledge with more elegant lettering and illustrations. Put it on your wall where you can see it every day. It's great healthy lifestyle lift. I have it framed and on the wall of my study where each time I read it, I am inspired by the components of a healthy lifestyle.

Imagine of everyone focused on being and staying healthy, on keeping the mind and spirit clear, what a different world it would be.

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