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Kate West

Kate West runs the food and nutrition department. A cleanse and nutrition coach and certified yoga instructor in New York City and Los Angeles, she writes about raw foods, juice fasting, spirituality, yoga, meditation and health in general.

Kate delights in helping other transform their lives through the power of conscious food choices and loves how the whole planet thrives as a result. Kate maintains that's what's healthy for us is also healthy for the planet. Let's hear it for synergy!

Ken Shuey

Ken has 30 years of experience in promoting a sustainable lifestyle. He writes about maintaining a healthy food supply for human, animal and the planet, as well as mind set, and spirituality. A life long nature lover and world adventurer, Ken has a profound respect for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Ken is passionate about working for a cleaner environment.

Elizabeth West

Elizabeth heads up the animal wellness section of Healthy Lifestyle Made Easy. Though we're all avid animal lovers and animal rights activists, Elizabeth's expertise is animal health. Having worked with animals for more than 15 years, she has gained extensive knowledge from the best holistic and alternative veterinarians on the planet about what keeps our pets healthy, free from harm, thriving and most of all... HAPPY!

She also promotes the vegetarian lifestyle as the most respectful way to honor our bodies, the planet, and the beings that inhabit it.

We believe that in the ideal world, everyone would focus on healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy spirits, and a healthy planet with a sustainable food supply for all. It is to this cause that we pledge ourselves and this website.

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