Additional Resources

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Here you will find a number of excellent additional resources for continuing your healthy lifestyle journey.

Self Esteem

FREE EBOOK: 15 Myths About Self-Esteem Uncovered
Dr. Joe Rubino’s extensive research indicates that practically every personal challenge we experience in our day to day lives stem from a deficiency in our self-esteem. In fact, his discoveries indicate that over 85% of us lack self-esteem which he concludes is one of the biggest issues preventing us from living the lives we dream of.

Dr. Joe is on a mission to impact the lives of more than 20 million people by teaching them how to improve their self esteem to live joy filled lives free from fears,frustrations and Anger. His simple system has supported thousands of individuals elevate their self-esteem levels to lead healthier, happier, more productive, and fulfilling lives.

For more information on Dr. Joe's program, click here.

Physical Fitness and Exercise

Living A Healthy Lifestyle- A healthy lifestyle, not diet, is the key to your weight management and wellness. Let me show you how through nutrition and exercise.


Live Longer, Live Better With Antioxidant Juices
Visit this website to learn the destructive force of free radicals, the magical healing power of antioxidants, wellness and how to greatly improve your health and longevity with antioxidant-rich foods and juices, proper eating habits and following a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy Food

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