Beauty and Raw Food

Is there a connection between beauty and raw food? Most definitely!

If you've been around people who live on a raw food diet, you'll notice that one of the visible benefits of raw foods, in addition to the energy and vitality, is that unmistakable glow. That's because beauty and raw food go hand in hand.

The whole process of digestion is related to our appearance. David Wolfe, author of Eating For Beauty says that:

"One who eats for beauty becomes a work of art in progress. Nature's paint brush immediately sets about applying food mineral cosmetics to the inner tissues which become visible externally in the warm, vivid, freshness of the hair, skin and nails."

We've all heard it a million times and that's because it's true! We are what we eat! We are literally made up of the microbial content of the food that we put into our mouths as it literally becomes the very building blocks of the cells that make up our bodies. This is why we want to eat foods in their purest, most unadulterated state and of course, as often as possible.... foods that are RAW!

If we want beautiful cells, we've got to eat beautiful foods.

What Makes a Food Beautiful

Beautiful foods are foods that are high in enzymes. The most unique and powerful aspect of live raw foods is their enzyme content. This is precisely why beauty and raw food go hand in hand.

Enzymes are the tiny proteins in our foods that enable us to break down our food. Enzymes are abundant in raw fruits and vegetables, but are destroyed in the cooking process or when they are heated above 118 degrees.

When we eat too much cooked food our bodies must replace the enzymes destroyed by the cooking by pulling from our body's own enzyme reserves, causing us to look dull and lackluster. Enzymes are the catalysts that help convert food into the nutrients that then become the building blocks of our bodies.

The following photo is of a hand taken with a kirlian camera-- a special device that captures the energetic activity of an object.

As you can see, the hand and entire body for that matter, exhibit quite a bit of energy. When photographed using the same technology, raw vegetables exhibit the same characteristics. That is-- they literally glow. Cooked vegetables, on the other hand, do not. So, if we want to glow, we need to eat foods that glow.

"There is absolutely no nutrient, no protein, no vitamin, no mineral, that we know of, that can't be obtained from plant based foods." -- Michael Klaper, M.D. author, lecturer

We want to eat foods that are how we want to be -- soft, juicy and full of life. Our diet should make us feel vibrant and healthy in each moment and lead us to our most beautiful selves-- both inner and outer. Eating for beauty is simple. In fact, the more complicated a diet is, the more likely it will fail. Eating should be intuitive, not technical.

Beauty is just one of the benefits of raw foods and you don't have to go 100 percent. Just adding some raw food to your diet can provide you with that added youthfulness and glow. That's why the benefits of juicing vegetables are plentiful. Vegetable juices are chock full of enzymes. They will scrub your cells clean and provide your cells with the raw materials they need to build a more beautiful you. Do this for a week and you'll see for yourself why beauty and raw food are inseparable.

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