Career Change From Home Work

If you are considering a career change from a job to home work, be sure to do something you enjoy because the boss that you answer to will be yourself.

Here's what to look for in a home based business. Use this as a checklist to make sure that the company is all these things.

What would you take out?!

1. Company track record - at least 5 years of solid growth, and still growing strong.

2. Financially sound - consistently adds to its products and commissions.

3. Strong management - Leaders from some of the most revered companies in the market place.

4. Unique consumable products – Safe, healthy, environmentally responsible products.

5. Wide market appeal - Products and/or services that are used by everyone.

6. Competitive prices - Products and/or services that cost less than store brands

7. High customer reorder rate - 95% of enrolled customers will reorder next month

8. Low initial investment – Very low initial investment.

9. Low monthly requirement – participants purchase only what they need for themselves. They donot need to carry and inventory of products nor purchase anything beyond what they use themselves.

10. No "Break-aways" in the comp plan - You are always be paid on all volume in your customer "legs."

11. Risk-free - All of the items they manufacture are 100% guaranteed with full money back refunds.

12. Anyone can be successful - Regardless of their past.

If a business is lacking any of these items, it may not be right for you. If you are going to make a career change from a job to home work you need a sound company.

You don't want to be a distributor of anything. Distributors have inventory, they have risk, they end up with tons of products in their garage.

Consider only a making a career change from a job to home work if you are certain you like the products and/or services that it offers.

If you are going to make a career change from a job to home work you need a sound company. Be sure that it is an honest, proven company, with strong leadership.

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