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Why you DON’T Need to Get a Degree in Marketing Unless You Want To Make Somebody Else Rich!

Why is a college degree MBA online university not necessary? It’s simple. You get a degree because you need it to get a JOB.… that to me is a dirty little 3 letter word.

If you’re like me you spent the best days of your childhood, youth, and early adulthood sitting in a row of uncomfortable desks bored out of your mind. We did that dutifully because we believed it would lead to us getting a job so that we could spend the rest of our lives entrapped in an office -- bored out of our minds -- for the rest of our lives and then once we were old we could retire and have our freedom.

No wonder we get messed up, the accepted way in our society is to be a slave to either a teacher or a boss for over 40 of the best years of our lives.

The great news is that, unless you want that, you don’t need to waste your money (or your parents’ money) on a degree. If you love college, which I did, (I just didn’t like classes and studying) you can still go when you want to on your terms and take classes that appeal to you. But you DON’T need a degree or a JOB. Wouldn’t it be a much better life if you could earn your living on your time, on your terms? -- a bigger income that you could ever get with a job?

There are soooooo many opportunities to work from ANYWHERE and keep your own hours. Marketing has been revolutionized by the Internet. And what’s possible now that was never before is incredible! Wasting your time getting an MBA or a dual MBA degree is just not very productive if freedom and wealth is your goal!

Because the possibilities are endless, there are many people out there who have the right idea, but haven’t learned what to do. I tried to be a marketer for about 30 of the 72 years I’ve been on this planet. I tried selling everything -- encyclopedias, siding, houses, vitamins, everything under the sun. I tried about 8 MLMs over 20 years. I survived -- just barely.

And then came -- THE INTERNET -- and so I tried several more marketing trainings and discovered a lot of scams and businesses that just didn’t deliver.

From all this “research” at mine and my families great expense, I finally found what I was looking for. Two companies that really deliver -- in fact they over-deliver -- the combination of these two have given me every thing I need for success. And here’s what they are:

Expert tried and true training that passes the test of the trainers doing what they are telling the trainees to do. Trainers that want you to succeed. That give you everything you need and show you step by step how to build your own 6 figure plus income

A system to do it with. An exact step by step real way to build.

The tools that you use make that system happen -- all the tools, not just some of them.

The mentoring and feedback from experienced hands and minds that you need to insure you are on the right track.

The teams that you need to be involved for building relationships with other students and business builders so that you can be successful.

And they don’t stop delivering until you have the success you want -- repeat that YOU want!

With these people, these mentors, these teams, these systems you CANNOT fail -- (of course if you don’t take advantage of them you will)

You CAN build an income that will far surpass any mba degree salary you can think of. Even more than a big time C.E.O. It's being done right now by participants in this program and you can learn exactly how to do it. Whether or not they have a college degree, MBA,or any regular or online university degrees.

We build it by doing some work once, then putting it on automatic pilot and let it earn money while we go on to another task to build it bigger and bigger.

Here are links to learn about two companies. I use them both. I suggest you do to. But start with one and learn it thoroughly and then do the other. It doesn’t matter which one you start with, whichever appeals to you --- but stop wasting your money on college classses that you will get you nowhere (unless you want to be strapped to a job and a boss for the rest of your life - and that‘s not even certain.)


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