Major Healthy Lifestyle Factors Must Include Your Indoor Environment

Of all the healthy lifestyle factors, greening your home is probably the most important and it's much easier than you think.

Your home is likely already full of cleaning products that are just downright toxic. Unfortunately this statement is not an exaggeration. Many of the most common cleaning products used by millions of Americans have toxic substances like pesticides in their ingredient list.

One easy thing you can do to green your home is ditch all the cleaners who either don't disclose their ingredient list, or whose ingredients you can't pronounce. Many cleaners, for example, have a seriously powerful chemical called "Butyl cellosolve" in them. This cleaner may work pretty well on your floors, but at the same time it also works pretty well at harming kidneys, livers and even bone marrow.


For a list of common home cleaning products that are toxic to the indoor environment here's free report. We were surprised when we printed it out and checked over what was under our sink, in our laundry, and in our bathroom.

Common Home Cleaning Products That Are Highly Toxic

Switch to green cleaners made from natural ingredients. This factor alone will go a long way to promoting a healthy lifestyle for your family. These cleaners are easier to spot than you might think. When looking at a cleaner, take a moment and ask yourself, "Can I read the label?" If there are any ingredients listed whose names your don't recognize, they are probably toxic. The safe was will be easy to recognize.

Make the easy switch to green in your buying habits and you will accomplish two major healthy lifestyle factors -- One for your family and another for the planet! Yes as stewards of our planet, we must consider healthy lifestyle factors for it too.

Many Common Products (Including Johnson's Baby Shampoo) Contain Formaldehyde

Do you really want to put formaldehyde on your baby's head!!!

Spreading a toxic chemical like formaldehyde on your floor or table tops where children and pets play might get rid of germs, but germs are not the only thing that causes disease, chemical residue picked up by hands and feet can penetrate the skin and cause serious illnesses.

Buying All Organic Foods are Big Healthy Lifestyle Factors

Another easy way to green your home is to buy as many organic food products as possible. By "going organic" you are accomplishing something really significant. Organic food does not use pesticides in its production, so this means you'll have less pesticide in your body and less toxic chemicals back in the soil, water, and air. It all works together as healthy lifestyle factors for ourselves and our planet.

More healthy family lifestyle factors include buying general products for the home that are minimally treated or stained. for years we smelled formaldehyde out gasing from our kitchen cabinets whose sides were made of particle board. It is a good idea to choose wood flooring, such as bamboo, if at all possible. Other good ideas are buying plants, and investing in a high-quality air purifier.

The best way to green your home is to constantly make conscious decisions as to what you are bringing into your home. Ask yourself if your purchasing decisions on items, especially items like cleaners, are good ones. We need to evaluate and make a decision about how much we trust the products we buy.

The main factors for a Healthy lifestyle are simple -- ignore the TV commercials and change our buying habits

Common Home Cleaning Products That Are Toxic Free Report

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