Houseplants That Clean The Air


Houseplants that clean the air are your best friends for your family's indoor environment. That means better health for everyone. Today's homes are sealed more tightly than our grandparents', and we spend more time in our homes than our ancestors did. This factor is especially important during the months when you must keep your home closed up. A small investment in a few types of houseplants that clean the air can help save you from breathing all sorts of chemicals that may have made it into your air via toxic cleaning supplies, degassing materials, furniture and a variety of other sources.

These helpful houseplants will do wonders to clean your family's air:

heartleaf philodendron

English ivy

spider plant

golden pathos

Chinese evergreen

Formaldehyde, yes the same chemical they use in funeral homes, is likely present inside your home as well. These plants remove formaldeyde:

Boston fern

Janet Craig

Bamboo Palm

English Ivy.

You can also help your houseplants that clean the air by simply replacing some toxic chemicals that are lurking under the sink.Click Here for our Consider purchasing a good quality air filter to further clean the air. It may take some research, but there are a lot of good ones on the market. Just make sure to change the filters and pre-filters. If you have a home heating-cooling unit, change the filters often. Keeping the same filter in the unit for months may technically be permitted, but your air quality will dramatically improve if you change it more often (preferably every month.)

You can easily make fantastic strides in improving your home's air quality by investing in some plants, an air purifier and keeping your heating-cooling unit filter changed often. Avoiding products such that are degassing such as carpets made from synthetic fibers and cheap pressed board furniture, which also out-gasses, will help keep your home free of toxic gases such as formaldehyde. By keeping your home free of toxic cleaners, you will remove a key source of air pollution in the home.

So go to your flower shop or nursery and buy some houseplants that clean the air and treat them like part of the family.