Juice Fasting Weight Loss: A Healthy & Quick Way to Drop the Pounds

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Weight Loss Juice Fasting is becoming increasingly popular these days as a way to lose weight quickly and keep it off. And for good reason.

I mean, let’s face it. Diets don’t work! If you don’t have first hand experience with that notion, ask anyone who has tried and failed to lose weight dozens of times or more. They don't work!

The dieting merry-go-round can be brutally discouraging and frustrating. Not to mention that it plummets your self esteem to an all time low! “What’s wrong with me?!” you think. “Why can’t I find the right diet, program or pill?!” And if you have you wonder why you can’t stick to it.

Relax. Juice fasting to the rescue!

There is one fundamental reason as to why you haven’t been able to loose the pounds despite your most dogged and sincere efforts. And that reason boils down to one word– TOXICITY!

All "dis-ease"– including excess weight– stems from the same problem-- it’s the simple result of a build up of waste materials in the body.

You see, fat has one purpose– to buffer toxins. Just like an oyster will wrap a single grain of sand in an alkaline substance to prevent aggravation resulting in the creation of a pearl, so do our bodies wrap foreign contaminants. Only our bodies wrap them in fat! So, the more toxic you are, the more fat cells you will have. And therefore the more frustrated you will be. And that’s why diets don’t work! They don’t address the underlying CAUSE of your weight problem in the first place. But the solution is simple…DETOXIFY

Weight Loss Juice Fasting is the most effective method for detoxification. Juice fasting enables you to get to the root of the problem (toxicity) while skyrocketing your health to an all time high. And juice fasting weight loss will be permanent if you maintain a healthy diet post fast because you will have eradicated those pesky toxins that were keeping you overweight in the first place.

Weight Loss Juice Fasting is a Lasting Solution

The Juice Fasting Weight Loss Method has helped countless people eliminate their weight problems permanently because rather than being a ‘diet’ it is designed to flush your body free of toxins and saturate it with enzyme rich fruit and vegetable juices at the same time. This sets up optimum conditions for your body to release the excess weight for good.

Built around the simple idea that by flooding your body with abundant quantities of high quality bio-available nutrition in the form of enzyme rich fruit and vegetable juices, the body’s nutritional needs are satisfied and cravings disappear.

Because the body gets its nutritional requirements satisfied and in the form of fresh juices, it goes to work detoxifying your entire system and scrubbing clean each of your 80 trillion cells. Because all nutrition is ”juiced”, the need for digestion (which can take up to a whopping 70% of your energy) is eliminated and the body can spend that energy cleaning up the mess that is causing you to remain overweight despite any and all dieting efforts.

That's what makes juice fasting so effective. By removing the fibrous part of the plant you are doing the work your body would normally have to do to extract the nutrition, allowing it to rest. And the body, when given the chance, will go to work scrubbing you clean. like animals in the wild that fast when they are sick, your body was designed to do the same.

So as you can see, not only is juice fasting for weight loss the most efficient and health affirming way to jump-start your vitality and get you looking and feeling fabulous fast! But any juice fasting weight loss you accomplish will stay off because you'll have gotten to the root of why you're overweight in the first place.

And since there are no side effects, besides radiantly glowing skin, sparkling eyes and the energy of a ten year old, can you think of any reason not to give it a try?!

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