Natural Pet Remedies

Natural pet remedies are becoming more popular as pet owners and guardians realize that a healthy pet is a happy one. Whether it's your dog, cat, horse, hamster, or pot-bellied pig, when your pet is unwell, it's important to know that there are many Natural Pet remedies that have the power to heal them without harmful and expensive chemicals/drugs. Conventional quick fixes are not only harmful to your pet, but extremely toxic to you, your family and the environment.

The most common problem pet owners are faced with is controlling

Ticks and Fleas.

If you live in a warm climate or wooded area, you are most at risk, however it is necessary for every pet owner to prepare before going on long walks or hikes in tall grasses.

Rose Geranium

Essential Oils are key ingredients for natural pet care.

  • Rose Geranium Oil is the most effective natural repellent for ticks.

    By adding 2 drops to your pets collar, your pet will be tick-free!

    If you have found a tiny deer/Lyme tick on you or your pet, keep an eye out for Lyme Disease symptoms and as always consult your vet.

    Fleas can become an enormous problem if not dealt with immediately. Just one female flea can lay more than 2,000 eggs! With a life cycle that can be completed in 12-15 days, an infestation of fleas can happen very quickly.

  • Cedar Oil can be used in the same way to protect against fleas.

    Other ways to prevent these pests are through your pets diet. By adding the followig to your pets food, you can also repel fleas.
  • Brewer's Yeast
  • Garlic

    If you find your pet or house infested already, don't fret, controlling the situation can be simpler than you thought.

    The most powerfully natural flea killer is called

  • Diatomaceous Earth

    DE consists of minerals formed by the fossil remains of prehistoric algae. As the fine, smooth powder covers the fleas abodies, the fleas along with their eggs and larvae, will become dehydrated and die within hours.

    Only Natural Pet Severe Flea Care Kit for Dogs

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    For more information on Diatomaceous Earth, click here

    Just like us, our pet have highs and lows in our moods. Every pet reacts to stress, fear, trauma, anxiety, loss, etc. differently and the more we know our pet the more we can help them cope with their emotions.

    Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy can work wonders on animals, to calm them and provide balance.

    Rescue Remedy is a blend of essential oils including:

  • Impatiens
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Cherry Plum
  • Rock Rose
  • Clematis

    This is one of my favorite natural pet remedies because of the various ways these essences can heal your pet, which include:

    -reducing excessive barking-helping pets adapt to a new home or environment-helping pets cope with separation anxiety-reducing fear associated with visiting the vetT

    To find out many more ways this product can help

    Only Natural Pet Severe Flea Care Kit for Dogs

    From: Only Natural Pet Store