Self Esteem Building

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Here are some great self esteem building activities for oneself, for children, for teenagers and for teaching others about overcoming low self esteem.


With a little basic understanding of four basic needs that humans all have, and by keeping them running in the background of everything you do with children, they can grow up owning self esteem naturally. A simple and fun activity for children to do is to make these four short lists. It's also a great bonding partnership with parents, teachers, and friends. This is an activity that a child can do throughout his or her life, especially during transitional periods.


As our children morph magically into teenagers, life can get more difficult and self esteem building is very important and is something that all adults need to be sensitive to. The opinions and judgements of peers becomes more and more important and can even be cruel. At the same time the entire school environment changes and becomes less supportive, less warm and friendly. A strong sense of self esteem is very important in the middle school years. Family and friends can be a great help in

teaching self esteem. during this time.

Sports and Other Activities

Participation in sports can make or break one's self esteem. Especially during adolescent years and especially in cultures like America where so much emphasis is put on winning. We've heard that in British schools any boy who wants to play can be on a rugby team. They simply have as many teams as they have players, unlike in American schools where your one shot at playing football is to make the varsity.

American football teaches great values but can be very destructive to the self esteem of some who cannot participate and at the other end of the scale it can also promote an inflated ego that goes way beyond realistic self esteem. We love the game, but guidance and support from peers and adults is very, very important. One of my favorites sports has always been tennis. Read my short story,

My Greatest Tennis Lesson for how my self esteem was affected by wanting to win at tennis.

Mind Games

Self esteem, either high or low, is all in the mind. Self esteem building is all about controlling our thoughts. Understanding this and understanding how the mind works, and how to make it work for us -- not against us -- is very important. Beliefs that operate like computer programs run in our minds. They run our lives to either enhance or inhibit our ability to achieve our goals.

Gaining control of and using one's own Self Talk can go a long way to building self esteem and overcoming low self esteem.

Beliefs that operate like computer programs that we have running our lives either enhance or inhibit our ability to achieve our goals. Learn why

goal setting is important here.

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