What is success and why do some achieve it and others fail?

I’ve been searching for many many years for the answer to this question. Why are some people successful and some not? Or really why do some people radiate success and others radiate failure? And I’ve heard the answer a gazillion times, but the importance of that idea didn’t sink in until now. In my role as a teacher, I even wore a pin that said “Attitude” and my daughter brought home a button from grade school that said “Attitude is Altitude!” And I agreed, that makes sense.

A POSITIVE ATTITUDE is the number one essential difference between success and failure, between happiness and despair.

BUT it never really sank in until now. Attitude can be positive or negative. And I’ve been going around acting positive about things that I was not truly positive about. That’s when it finally occurred to me that it’s not just a good idea to ACT positive. It’s NOT something you can FAKE. You can’t have a negative attitude in your private life and put up a positive image in public. That’s being phoney. And people can read that.

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I’ve begun to think about fields of energy. And science has proven that each of us radiates an actual energy field and that we have a sense that can pick up each other's energy field.

A positive attitude is not just a good idea, it is EVERYTHING! So we really can’t fake it. It has to be genuine. But a positive attitude is not enough. You also need to be passionate about something. AND…..


You can’t fake it !!! If you honestly don’t like something, you can fake neither positive attitude nor passion. The last thing you want to do about something you don’t like is whine or complain about it. Instead, focus on finding what you are really passionate about. Go after that. And follow Joseph Campbell’s advice - “Follow your bliss.”

But don’t just follow it. Get passionate about it. Fight off the negative feelings about whatever and focus on finding what you are passionate about!! And then do whatever it takes to get yourself into the field of that passion.

Geese are passionate about flying their north/south route every year. Every single one of them that you see up in the sky is focused on their flight and they are passionate about it. That’s passion -- but geese don’t have a choice.

In today’s world we have choices -- Sometimes a mind boggling array of choices. And that fact presents us with a totally different way of operating our lives. All those choices make for big competition and great confusion. Confusion to the point where we feel like we could throw up our arms and scream like hell. It can be maddening.

Like many Americans, my ancestors were frontiersmen and pioneers. We can’t imagine the hardships they had to endure. In fact we can’t imagine how difficult the lives were of virtually everyone who lived in any century before our time. Even kings and queens had hard lives compared to what we have. And there are plenty of places on earth today where life is unimaginably difficult. But we who live now in the industrialized world have a totally different landscape.

We have choices. The geese, our pioneer ancestors, kings and queens had few choices. They had to learn to make do with whatever life threw at them. Those that had a positive attitude survived and those that didn’t, didn’t. And those that had a passion for what they were doing succeeded.

Unlike geese though, each of us human beings is unique. We each have different interests, tastes, likes, and dislikes. What one person gets passionate about does not necessarily do it for another. This is a fact we must recognize and deal with in our lives.

For most of my working life -- and I’ve worn a lot of different hats -- and for most of the time, I’ve hated my job. My pattern was to see a better way of doing something than what my bosses were doing. So, what did I do? I complained and whined, and drove my colleagues nuts always trying to gain support for whatever I was complaining about or trying to change. And I always thought that I was trying to improve the situation. I thought it was because I knew more than my bosses -- that if they'd just do it my way, it would work better. In some cases I was right, but my complaining and "I told you so" only alienated people.

I was really only kidding myself because most of the time I just didn’t believe that what I was doing was important in the overall scheme of my vision of myself. I didn’t have any passion for what I was doing. So I kept jumping from job to job out of desperation and always ending up in the same place -- with a job I didn't like.

Of course, like everyone else, I had many responsibilities and obligations so I had to have a full time job. But what would have happened if I’d really taken the time to search out what it was that I really was passionate about? And, what if I’d have really had the guts to follow my bliss? Oh I thought about it all right, but I was too busy whining and complaining about my situation.

What if I’d have not taken the road of just “putting up” with my situation and whining about it? Instead, what if I’d have spent that unproductive time focused on finding out what it was that I passionately wanted, and then enduring whatever it took to go for it? What would that have done for my self esteem? -- my true happiness.

If you want to live a happy life, it is absolutely necessary to find your bliss and follow it with a positive, passionate attitude. Get away from negative influences and negative people because … You can’t fake a positive attitude, and you can’t fake Passion. The alternative is a life of unfulfilled dreaming.

Stella Adler (the great actress and acting teacher} said. "Find out what you can do and do it."

Nike says, "Just do it!"

Auntie Mame said, "Life is a banquet and most poor sonsabitches are starving to death!"

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