Toxic Food For Dogs

Dogs have become an important part of our lives, as members of our families, we want them to be safe and healthy as well. It is our job to protect them from the dangerous foods and products that are in our homes. Knowing the toxic foods for dogs can save his or her life, and prevent emergency situations, before it's too late.

Many of the common toxic food for dogs are also harmful to humans, use common sense and always keep an eye out when food and beverages are out. Here are some examples:

  • Alcohol (Intoxication can cause coma & result in death)

  • Tobacco (Nicotine increases heartbeat, affecting digestive and nervous systems, resulting in coma or death)

  • Small Bones from fish, poultry or meat products

  • Sugary Foods

  • Table Scraps (There could be an ingredient your pet is allergic to, and there is risk of choking (*also, will teach your dog bad table manners!)

  • Human Vitamins & Supplements containing Iron

  • Spoiled or Moldy Food (Food from Garbage)

    More Toxic Foods for dogs are not so obvious and can be fatal. Below is a table of these foods, memorize them and share them with everyone in your household. Make sure you kids know what is safe for "Fido". Print out this table and post it on the refrigerator or somewhere everyone will be reminded of it.

    ALWAYS keep bags an purses closed and out of your pets reach. You many not realize the toxic food for dogs that could be hidden in a breath mint or cookie, but dogs always know how where the food is!

    Be safe with yourself and your pet and you both will live longer, happier lives!