The Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Good Health

The Uses of Tea Tree Oil are endless. It has amazing properties for healing, soothing, cleaning, washing, deodorizing, drinking, and virtually everything under the sun, and it is harmless to the environment.

Some of the amazing uses of tea tree oil:

  • Gentle and healing on skin

  • Antiseptic, kills germs on contact

  • Essential oil for aroma therapy and massage

  • Soothes and heal cuts and burns

  • Cures acne, removes warts

  • Conditions skin

  • Cleans most anything

  • Healthy tea

    When used as an ingredient in soaps and other bath products, dish washing and laundry products, floor cleaners, and many many more cleaning products it not only cleans better, is gentle to the skin and at the same time eco-friendly.

    It is truly a miracle oil.

    There are many grades of tea tree oil and there are many great products that use it as an ingredient. It's use in these products replaces the toxic chemicals that are so devistating to both the indoor and outdoor environment. Many cleaning products that contain tea tree oil don't even need child safety caps like their toxic cleaning counterparts, because the tea tree oil is so safe and harmless to people, pets, and the environment.

    There are so many uses for tea tree oil that every medicine cabinet should have a bottle, and everyone should switch to cleaning products that contain tea tree oil.

    leaf and oil

    So what is tea tree oil anyway?

    It is an essential oil, extracted from the melaleuca alternifolia leaf. That mouthful - melaleuca, - is the aboriginal name for the tree that is native to Australia. It's oil has been used for centuries by the original Australians for all kinds of purposes. alternifolia, is the species of the melaleuca tree that yields the essential oil. (The melaleuca tree that Floridians are familar with is a different species unfortunately because it grows like crazy in Florida.)

    Melaleuca oil became known as tea tree oil, whenCaptain Cook expedition to explore the Pacific Islands landed in Australia in 1770. They were treated to the local tea which had so many healing properties and the expedition named it tea tree oil.

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