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The Art Of Healthy Living Is One Of Effort and Reward

by Shaun Swilling, South Africa

(editors note: To this article we would simply add that if you are going to eat meat, buy grass fed beef, free range chickens, and as well as all organic foods.)

Just as a building is only as safe as its foundations, living healthily requires a structured approach to sustainable training for well-being.

Nonetheless, the persistence one needs for a very healthy lifestyle does not need to be a daunting challenge. Food, Exercise, Meditation, are the three pillars that uphold optimal health, and Attitude, without a doubt, the overarching ingredient in the way for healthy living, because our attitude both infuses and re-motivates us by achievements in these areas.

While changing unhealthy habits does not happen overnight, there are key approaches that can be adopted to create enduring success. Attitude is about focused energy and determination towards establishing a routine. A diet has a beginning and an end, but a positive attitude towards healthy living encompasses body, mind and spirit in a holistic lifestyle. The way to achieving this is to keep it easy,and not a diet with you start and finish , but rather a choice in lifestyle that has no beginning or end.

Choosing to eat health-enabling foods can get extremely difficult: we know and worry about debates regarding essential fats, maximum vitamin absorption, protein quality, complex carbohydrates, when to eat fruit etc. The basic rule entails: nothing fried, no refined sugar, a fresh salad at least once a day, a piece of fruit twice a day, heavy bread, wholewheat pasta and brown rice.

Protein should be sourced from vegetables, fish, skinned chicken and lean meat, in that order. We need to eat as many times a day as we can handle, because this speeds up the metabolism and ensure that we lose more calories of poor quality fat than we would by sweating on a treadmill for hours every day.

Exercise quotas can be covered by Yoga, starting with as little as five minutes a day of its many variations, all of which require a full range of movement, which helps to improve muscle tone and the flow of blood to the extremities. Gym workouts are beneficial, as is taking an intense daily walk (not a stroll) which also brings fresh air into our lungs. Exercise can start with short periods and build up slowly, as long as it is a daily practice.

Meditation is profoundly useful in adjusting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sitting quietly for a few minutes before starting your day has an extraordinarily beneficial impact on the way we think about ourselves and who we are. Again, Attitude creates and preserves strength of purpose and success in these three pursuits.

The regular intake of good quality water is a vital necessity that needs to be put into one of the daily habits. Ideally we should all drink about 8 glasses of water a day.

We will find that once we create a pattern in our eating, exercise and quiet time, our approach will be enhanced, so that adhering to a healthy lifestyle plan becomes a joy and not an obstacle course.Shaun gives us a synopsis of how important attitude is to achieving a healthy lifestyle. The biggest hurdle is to change some habits. If you aren't following these simple guidelines now, and you begin to follow them, you'll be amazed at how great you'll feel in all aspects of your life.

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