What is Spiritual Health?

So, what is spiritual health anyway? There are as many answers to that questions as there are people in the world! That's because spirituality is experienced a little differently by everyone. But a simple definition of spiritual health that everyone can relate to is the ability to connect to something higher than ourselves. Whether you call it God, Buddha, Jesus or Your Dog is irrelevant-- it's the connection that matters! I remember the first time my meditation instructor told me that I am not my thoughts. That there was something outside my thoughts that my thoughts were just a part of. I thought he was crazy. But once I learned to embrace this idea and experience that there was indeed something bigger than my thoughts present in my experience, my whole life began to change. I let go of compulsive behaviors and I became the boss of my life, instead letting my thoughts control my life on autopilot.

So the answer to the question, what is spiritual health?, is simply awareness.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Our thoughts operate much like a tape recorder. They record and playback the same tape over and over again. We can either change the tape, or we can realize that we are the tape recorder! By shifting our attention from the noise of our minds, to the silent background upon which our thoughts play out, we will become more peaceful and connected to vibrant and alive part of us that some call Pure Awareness.

In Pure Awareness, everything is possible. We can see through the limitations of our minds and watch our thoughts and feelings play out like clouds moving through the sky. Sometimes the clouds move fast, and other times they move slowly. But regardless, they are always moving. This state is known by meditators as impermanence. Learning to improve spiritual health will have a profound impact on even the healthiest and happiest among us. Meditation is the most common way to improve spiritual health. There are many techniques suitable for beginners and advanced meditators that will help you come up with your define spiritual health for yourself. The next time you hear someone ask "what is spiritual health" you'll have your own unique answer!

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