What is Universal Health Care?

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. It simply means that no one will be denied access to the best medical treatment because they can’t afford insurance.

It’s as simple as that. That’s all it means. Yet it has become one of the most debated ideas in U.S. history. The universal health care debate has gone on for several decades and through several administrations. And finally the United States is now a country where everyone has access to quality health care. The insurance companies like the banks had simply not been able to do the job.

In recent years, 30% of all dollars spent on health care was paid to the insurance industry, yet they were not able to provide universal health care, they had to show a profit first, and some let their profits become more important than lives. All that will change now.

Yet there is a small yet incredibly loud opposition group of people who oppose the government’s guaranteeing universal health care. The reasons against it seem to be based on the following fears:

The fear that it will increase the national debt. That’s a legitimate concern, but in the face of paying outrageous money to insurance companies, it’s basically just taking money already being spent and insuring everyone instead of just a select few.

The fear that President Obama and the Democratic Party will win a few political points and get re-elected.

The fear that The United States will become a socialist country. There is long standing paranoid fervor in America that the Communist Party is in a conspiracy to take over the U.S.A. and that universal health care will be a first step.

The fear that the government can’t run anything efficiently. Well, they can do a lot better than the insurance companies can. In fact government run health care plans are very good -- medicare and government employee health care plans are among the most efficient in the world.

So those are just some of the points made by many who oppose universal health care. All of which are based on fear, and most don’t really know what they are afraid of. Prejudice is still alive in America.

One of the ironies of this debate is that many of the people who oppose universal health care call themselves Christians. I define Christian as a person who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ. And the main thing that Jesus taught and did was to love everyone and to heal the sick. It seems to this writer that the idea of a “Christian against universal health care” is an oxymoron. How can you profess to love everyone but deny them health care? Weird.

If the new plan works for everyone and the Administration’s financial projections are correct, those who oppose it will fizzle out. But the radical faction will do everything in its power to stop it and you know who loves to see people fighting -- you got it -- the media.

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What is universal health care?

It’s about embracing the entire picture, not just health insurance, not just medical care for problems. It’s developing a universal attitude for each of us to understand and take chare of our own health.


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