Why is Goal Setting Important?

So, why is goal setting important? We can't walk past the news stand without hearing about how setting goals is the only way to get what you want out of life. The media seems to be obsessed with this concept, and while most of us know what we want out of life, few of us actually know how to effectively set goals in order to achieve them.

Not all goal setting methods are created equal. There is a way to set goals that can increase your outcome and speed it up, and there's a way to actually repel your goals from your life. But really, why is goal setting important? Lester Levenson, originator of The Release Technique and The Sedona Method once said:

"You have to become a winner in life. If you are not a winner, you have 'anti'-programs."

What Lester means by "anti-programs" are the ideas we have that run our lives to either enhance or inhibit our ability to achieve our goals. That's why achieving your goals is a measure of how much control of your mind and thoughts you have.

To this end, it's not so much the setting of the goals that's important, but rather what you do after you've set them. You can either be in the drivers seat of your own life, consciously choosing your actions and acting out of inspiration toward your goals or you can be on autopilot, reacting to circumstance and behaving unconsciously. The latter is where most people find themselves stuck.

What is the mind?

The mind is nothing more than a recording and a playback device. It will repeat back to you any worry or fear it has recorded in it's database. Have you ever heard your mothers voice in your head as you are about to do something? That's your inner recording playing it's feed back. Now awareness is something different. Awareness allows us to make decisions from that higher, knowing place of our beings instead of the reactive, conscious part. If we allow the unconscious part to run our lives we will not make progress and find ourselves right where we are.

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