Yoga for Seniors

woman in seated yoga pose

Yoga for seniors, regularly doing a few simple beginner yoga poses, helps to avoid stiffness. There are also some poses that are specifically designed as osteoporosis yoga.

After going abroad and returning to the U.S., one of the striking things that you notice when you return is how stiff many of the elderly people there are.

I'm talking about stiff joints. Of course much of it is attributable to the extra pounds that people are carrying around these days, but in addition to that is the fact that most people lead fairly sedentary lives. And if muscles and tendons are not stretched, they get stiff.

Being in shape is not only about exercise and right eating, it's also about stretching -- making and maintaining a healthy body that's limber.

A great way to avoid this stiffness every morning is to practice a few simple beginner yoga poses. Yoga combines stretching with meditation.
You get double benefit from practicing yoga regularly -- both the benefits of meditation and the benefits of stretching.

You simply learn a few simple beginner yoga poses. Whatever is right for you. This is not a "no pain no gain" activity. It is a feel good activity. You never go beyond what feels good. You stretch no further than where pain starts.

For years our Western perception of yoga was that it is a bunch of contortionists. While there are those who push it to the extreme, the average person need not concern him/her self with that. The poses are simple, comfortable, and feel really good. How we use them is very personal and we do them because it makes us feel good and live healthier.

I first began looking at yoga seriously when I read that one of my heroes, Stan Musial, the great baseball player, practiced it.I figured if it was right for Stan the Man, it was right for me.I was right! Spending a half and hour every morning with yoga, makes me feel limber and more centered for the rest of the day.

I started at about age 40, and have been doing it ever since. I began with simple beginner yoga poses that I could hold for 10 or 15 seconds. I added a few more over the years and now I usually hold them for about 30 seconds each. You can do more or less, whatever feels right for you. I'm 72 now and am still limber and healthy.

You might also want to check out this link to osteoporosis yoga Wherever you are in your life, and at whatever shape your joints are in, right now is the best time to start. JUST DO IT!

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